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BlueGem is a pop-punk quartet from Bergen, Norway that was formed by Geo Pardalos & Eirik Odden in 2006.

Dressed in black jeans, black shirts with a blue tie,

BlueGem are often referred to as a band with catchy music, and an energetic performance. In the early years, 2006-2009, they played mostly local venues, but also some memorable shows in the capitol. They had a couple of TV performances but no serious releases until 2010, when they released The BlueGem EP 2010 (5 tracks), 

which was a straight forward punk rock EP with a raw expression. Their messages were about the injustice of war, big questions about life and freedom. It featured some voice work done by fans, but also a piano and a choir. The EP was produced by Calle Hamre and mixed by Kai Worley.   During the year 2010 they went on their first national tour which was self-booked. In 2012 they released their 2nd EP called: 

Mental Circus, which consisted of 4-tracks that were self-produced, but mixed by Kai Worley. They also released a video for the title track. Later that year they headed out on tour in Finland; The Mental Circus Tour 2012. The band also did lots of acoustic performances at smaller venues, schools and cafés. In 2013 they recorded what became their biggest hits;

Dead Quiet, and Music for You. In 2015, they decided to take a break and after four years of hiatus, the band had their final show and officially spilt in 2019.

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Geo Pardalos
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