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MC Shy invites YOU to be part of his new music video!

Want to party with us in the Neon Shutters video? Well, here's your chance to have an amazing time in the club and also be part of a fun and colorful music video!

Namibian R&B singer MC Shy and Punch-In-The-Face records are currently recording the official music video for the song: Neon Shutters (Available on Spotify and iTunes) !

Featured on the song are rapper, Edlyz (MC Shy's son),

and the drummer/producer Geo Pardalos. It's going to be a colorful scene to be shot at Wave Pub, at Zachariasbryggen in Bergen, Norway. Those of you who are locals have great chance at being a part of this fun project.

Anybody can be a part of the video, and you may bring friends as well. Knowing the song is no requirement.



VENUE: WAVE PUB, ZACHARIASBRYGGEN TIME: Doors open at 3pm - Shooting starts at 4pm and can last until 7pm.



The sequence to be shot is a club scene that involves MC Shy, Edlyz and Geo Pardalos performing on stage, a crowd of people (potentially you as well), glow sticks and other effects as well as free Red Bull which will be handed out to the participants. There is no actual dress code or anything like that, you may come as yourself !

Lyrics to the song can be found at:

It's gonna be an epic shoot! We can't wait! And incase you didn't know; The entrance is free!

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