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Punch-In-The-Face Records is an independent multi-genre record label that was founded by

Geo Pardalos in 2010 and is based in Norway. The label produces/distributes/promotes music in a wide variety of genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Metal, Punk & Jazz.

In 2010 The BlueGem EP (5-track) was released as a digital single but also in physical format sold in various Norwegian stores and at BlueGem shows. Two years later they released Mental Circus (4-track EP) along with a music video for the title track.

Watch Mental Circus (Official Video)Later BlueGem released a couple of singles such as 

Dead Quiet (2013) and Music for You (2014) which have been referred to as the bands greatest works an eventually made it to national radio. In 2014 Geo Pardalos started doing collabs and side projects with people such as R&B artist: MC Shy, who released the single: Oshiwa R'n'B  feat. Geo Pardalos Watch Oshiwa R'n'B (Official Video)

& rapper Lucartive who released the single + music video: Hardcore Skaters  a year later.

Watch: Hardcore Skaters (Official Video).

In 2016 Geo started his solo project  ("Geo Pardalos") which is an pop/jazz project - check out the debut video for When The Sky Is Grey ! 


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