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Vermin Theory - Major Consumer


I'm excited to announce that my metal band, Vermin Theory, a new and heavy band from Norway, are getting ready to hit the metal scene.

Vermin Theory was founded in 2015 and are now about to release our debut single:

Major Consumer .

The track is about how humans are destroying/poisoning the earth. It's a dedication to the african black rhino that recently went extinct. Musically it's a dark themed, fast paced, heavy hitting track, but with a twist of reggae. The band sound consists of heavy drums, melodic guitar riffs with attitude and powerful screams. One thing that's great about this band is that it has three members, but is loud as hell. Background: Vermin Theory was founded by Me (Geo Pardalos) & Tom Costigan (AKA Sophie Sleaze the lead-singer/keys player in Le Flan de Sang) in 2015 and were then joined by Sahan Shamugaratnam (AKA lead-singer/guitarist of the divorced rock band Kintama).

Together we form sort of a power-trio. We like to incorporate different genres in our music such as hiphop, funk and reggae.

Video: Recording the drum tracks for Major Consumer.


Release date: May 27th 2016

Platform: iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, ++

Producer/Mixer: Geo Pardalos

Artwork: Sahan Shanmugaratnam & Geo Pardalos

Lyrics: Soon available online

© 2016 Punch-In-The-Face Records

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