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Geo's Solo Project - Studio Update


I'm excited to annonce that I'm currently working on my solo project which takes me in a pop direction genre-wise. I'm also a big fan of jazz so I've decided to write a jazz single as well.

With me I have some talented musicians on various instruments such as the piano and the saxophone. I've also involved my sister to do some backing vocals.

We've had some great studio sessions so far. And the material is really coming together.

I'd say the content is more personal than ever. I really love working on the jazz track; especially since I've got Kristoffer Mega on the piano, who's an old friend of mine and a very talented pianist.

I haven't decided which track I'm gonna release first yet, but the decision is right around the corner. All the latest news regarding the music will be posted here so stay tuned for more!

Here are some pics from the studio sessions taken by Agnieszka Iwanska:

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