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MC Shy - Behind The EP EXCLUSIVE

Punch-In-The-Face Records proudly presents: MC Shy - Melodic Remedies EP! A year in the making, features drummer and producer Geo Pardalos, rapper Edlyz (MC Shy's son) and guest singer IMMY!

The new video features interviews with the artists as well as clips from the making of the EP! "We spent a lot of time and hard work on this EP, so we're stoked to finally show you what a fun process it has been!"

The video is out on YouTube and can be found at this link: MC Shy - Behind The Music

There is more exciting stuff on the way that we can't yet reveal, but it'll be awesome! That's for sure. And if you want to hear the whole EP, you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and more!

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