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MC Shy's release show is gonna be a blast!

On June 21st, MC Shy is releasing his brand new 4-track EP, entitled "Melodic Remedies EP" (Punch-In-The-Face Records). It will be available exclusively on and it may also come to other platforms such as iTunes, Google Play Music among others later on.

One of the songs is entitled Melodic Remedies, and features the talented singer/songwriter: IMMY. The EP also features Geo Pardalos on drums/vocals and rapper/singer, Edlyz on three of the tracks.

The concept is based on relaxation and escapism; designed to let the listener let go of every-day-life for a moment and take a second to relax and focus on the good stuff. It also talks about MC Shy's childhood through an 80's inspired sound of synths and drum machines in a very personal song called:

Roots (Namiba). That's about all we can say about the EP for now.

The release will be celebrated with a smashing concert featuring IMMY, Edlyz, C Shyne, Big Sunny G,

An exclusive Drum & DJ performance by Jim Grim & Geo Pardalos, and of course MC Shy himself who will be performing all the new tracks + more!

The show will be at Chagall, Bergen (Vaskerelven 1)

Date: June 21st

Time: 8pm

CC: 100,-

Age limit: 20+ This is gonna be a special and fun night of HipHop + R&B!

Be there!

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