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New HipHop banger on the way!

In July I'm dropping a new hiphop single called "Soulful" featuring some of the most soulful hiphop artists in the game here in Bergen; SHN and Tanaia! What a combo!

The track is produced by me, and they lit it on fire with their unique vocals! I'm really excited for this one!

Left to right: Geo Pardalos, SHN, Tanaia
Soulful cover. Shot by Aga Visuals

We had a great time working on this!

SHN (pronounced: Shine), as some of you may know is a very talented rapper from Sweden, he has a soulful twist to his flow that I thought was perfect for this track. Tanaia, who's been in the hiphop game for years, has a powerful and unique voice that many of you have all ready heard. I'm blessed to have these guys on the track. Can't wait for you to hear it!

Of course we're coming back to you with a specific date + an exclusive preview will be available on this website in not too long, so stay tuned!

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