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Silver End are dropping their 3rd album! + Exclusive BlueGem Reunion! Feb 8th!

Millions of spotify plays worldwide, and a loyal fanbase; Silver End are soon to drop their 3rd studio album entitled: "Conquer The Silence" and hang on tight, cause it's packed with hard-hitting goodies and some beautiful melodic ballads as well! To celebrate this, they are having a punchy release show at Inside Rock Cafe in Bergen (Norway).

Feb 8th is the date, but that's not all.... It's been 4 years since BlueGem played live, and now they're about to reunite, for this one time special show with their buddies in Silver End! That's right. BlueGem will be opening this insane event. If you're an old time BlueGem fan, you're in luck. I can reveal that they will perform those old school hits + their newest tracks, even some unreleased ones! And if you have yet to check out Silver End's new single "Conquer The Silence" drop what you're doing and check it out right now! In short: It's gonna get hot at inside! The doors open at 9pm.


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