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Studio Session with IMMY

IMMY's upcoming debut single "The Longest Road" is in the works!

- I spent some time in TomTom Studio today working on IMMY's single.

I finnished laying down the drum tracks & Kai Taule totally nailed the bass lines.

Shoutout to producer TomTom who did an amazing job!

Few words about the track; It's a fun and groovy pop song with a bit of a country feel, and you're definitely gonna love IMMY's beautiful voice on it. The track is really coming along nicely. Can't wait for you to hear it!

Meanwhile you can read more about IMMY here. Stay tuned for more!


MaryBlue pop setup; 3 toms, EFX crash, A Custom Crash, A Custom Ride, Mastersound Hihats, kick, snare & brushes.
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