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Studio Update from Geo Pardalos

Working on the Jazz Track

I'm excited to announce that the studio sessions with my solo project have been amazing. The drums,bass, piano, sax & trumpet tracks are done. I also managed to wrap up the lead vocals at the last session.

It's starting to sound great. I can't wait to share it with you all.

I feel truly blessed to have worked with such awesome musicians. I've had Kristoffer Mega on the piano.

Torstein Halvorsen on the alto and tenor sax.

Bjørn Egil Hop on the trumpet,

and I'm getting some more guests in as well.

There's still work to do in the studio, but the pieces are falling into place rather quickly and smoothly. I'll keep you updated here so stay tuned for more! All photos are taken by Agnieszka Iwanska!

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