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Jazzin' it up!

On The Set of: When The Sky Is Grey;

The video for Geo Pardalos' upcoming single is in the works.

Soundwise, it's a very melodic and jazzy track. Definitely unlike all previous Punch-In-The-Face productions.

The video (directed by Tor Ivar Dale) is estimated to be out before x-mas.

It features: Piano : Kris Mega

Trumpet: Bjørn Egil Hop

Bass: Steffen André Rasmussen

Drums: Martin Skadal

Back-up singer1: Camilla Sætersdal

Back-up singer2: Margaret Jakobsen

The video features a storyline of a happily married, middle-aged couple with relationship problems. They're are both equally in love with "the good old days", which is why they live a retro lifestyle and find it hard to adapt to today's modern society.

The performance aspect of the video includes a rather swinging jazz concert with Mr. Kris Mega on the piano, Steffen Rasmussen on the bass, Martin Skadal on the drums, A trumpet solo by Mr. Bjørn Egil Hop, the two beautiful back-up singers, Camilla & Margaret, AND of course a drum solo by Geo! (what? - yes) (Photos of some of these can be found below).

Here's a short teaser/preview of the song:

Stay tuned for more updates with photos and videos from the set !

To read more about the artist click here: Geo Pardalos

Special thanks to the amazing crew! All photos by Agnieszka Iwanska

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