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MUSIC VIDEO: When The Sky Is Grey! FEB 22nd!

The video for When The Sky Is Grey is right around the corner!

We're have a show at Madam Felle in Bergen on the night of the video's release. The show starts at 9PM and the entrance is free! This is in fact the debut show for the full line up.

The video is directed by Tor Ivar Dale, and will be available here on as well as YouTube & Vimeo. Look for the video on FEB 22nd!

A week ago, the Norwegian website for new music releases called , wrote the following article about the new single (in norwegian):

The band consists of:

Geo Pardalos - Vocals

Kris Mega - Piano

Martin Skadal - Drums

Steffen Rasmussen - Bass

Bjørn Egil Hop - Trumpet

Don't forget to follow Geo on Spotify to stay updated on new releases!

CLICK TO BUY When The Sky Is Grey ON iTunes >

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