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New Classical Piece Coming Soon!

Punch-In-The-Face records is proud to present, the talented pianist and composer Kris Mega, with his debut single, a piano classical piano composition called Moon Flower.

The song is mixed and produced by Geo Pardalos and is estimated to be out near the end of February! In terms of technicalities; it's a song with smooth dynamics and tasteful chord progressions.

Kris Mega plays the piano in Geo Pardalos' solo project and now he's decided to release a track of his own. Rumor has it that the the song is a dedication to someone special in Kris' life. It's an instrumental piece of melody and emotion. The kind of composition that tells a story with notes, you know? Is it a love story? Not sure. Be sure to give us your opinion when it comes out!

You can get an exclusive preview here of course!


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